Intermediate Web Developer? Learn these technologies before 2019 ends!

How much is “enough”

Before starting this blog we need to clear this thing out. It makes me sad that more than the tech doubts, I get messages asking me how much to learn, and is it enough?

The only answer to this question is that nothing is enough!

The moment you get satisfied with what skills you have and stop learning something new, you are inviting trouble for yourself. Why? Because technology is evolving at a really fast pace, the tech skills that we have today might be outdated tomorrow.

So should we learn everything? No, you can’t, the world of tech is so vast that there is no end.

Therefore it is essential that we explore various domains and then venture deep into the domain we like. Yes, as simple as that, start from basics, like it? then go deep. I repeat,

Explore various domains, then venture into the one you like!

Recently, I wrote an article on how much is actually enough, if you have time, go through it (it’s just a small 3 mins read), no it does not have anything to do with the topic we are going to discuss in this blog, but yeah, that article might motivate you to learn more, here’s the link -

This is the best time for tech enthusiasts and developers to be alive. Technology is evolving at a really fast pace and we, as developers, have so much to learn :)

Getting back to the topic, are you an intermediate web developer looking for what to do now, which technology to learn? don’t worry, I got you covered, use this blog as your 4 months action plan to learn 7 new technologies before 2019 ends.

What to learn?

I love it when you guys reach out to ask your doubts, and lately, I got this doubt from someone —

Hey Madhav, as you even said in your previous article that there is so much to discover, so much to learn. After seeing such a humungous list of things to learn, I become confused about where to start and waste most of my time in thinking what to do. I am a sort of intermediate web developer, I know the basics, now I want to go deep, please help me out!

To anyone who is reading this article, I would really like to mention this fact that it is highly essential to have a proper roadmap of what you are going to do.

For anything, you wish to become, go online, explore stuff, prepare yourself a roadmap with proper goals and deadline. I know it might take up a lot of time in the beginning just to make up that roadmap, and you might get that urge to chuck it and start coding, don’t do that. Believe me, if you have a proper list of things you need to do beforehand, it saves a lot of time when you actually start learning.

Let’s take an example, suppose you are a complete beginner and you wish to start web development, list out the things you want to learn (For example, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, and so on…) in the form of a timeline, associating a dedicated timeframe to each technology in the list.

P.S. luckily for you, I wrote a blog on the roadmap to web development which you can check out later on —

Coming back to the question he asked,

Hey Madhav, as you even said in your previous article that there is so much to discover, so much to learn. After seeing such a humungous list of things to learn, I become confused about where to start and waste most of my time in thinking what to do. I am a sort of intermediate web developer, I know the basics, now I want to go deep, please help me out!

This is actually a good question, and the answer to this can actually help out many of you, so I decided to write a blog on this.

It is very important to choose what to learn, and it is always a good idea to learn the technology that is being highly used in the industry and/or has chances to stay at the top, so I took out these technologies which will continue to rule the industry in 2020, so that you can learn these in 2019 itself and be ready for 2020.

There are 4 months remaining in 2019, and here is your roadmap, now you know what to do :)

Let’s get started

How to use this Roadmap?

Before starting on with the roadmap, I want to add a very important note here.

The 20:10 breakdown

Below, I will be mentioning breakdown of 7 technologies to learn in 4 months. Also, I will be mentioning some courses which you can do to learn these technologies.

To use this roadmap for best results, try to learn the technologies mentioned for the month and finish the mentioned courses (try to watch the video lectures at 2x speed) in the first 20 days and devote the next 10 days to build a side project yourself

Once again, I repeat myself, try to learn those technologies in 20 days, and code your own side project in the next 10 days. You can easily get some project ideas online, explore and implement (but make sure you code those projects yourself)

Happy Learning!

Month 1: September (React+Redux+Webpack)

Without a doubt, React is ruling the tech industry, it is so much used, and it is so easy to learn, all I can say is that I love react, and it makes life so much simpler.

React is currently the most popular JavaScript library for front-end development, and the trends show that it will remain the most loved library in the coming future as well.

Google Trends

And good news for you, even though react is very popular, it is not some rocket science, it is very easy to learn.

P.S. React has a HUGE developer community. Even if you don’t want to pay for this course, you can find out tons of free video tutorials on youtube, you are just a search away :)

Redux and Webpack?

As you will start learning react, you will get to know the principle of state management, in large projects that use React, the process of state management becomes difficult, so Redux is a state management tool, which is popularly used with react. And, webpack is a bundler which is widely used, learning it would be very useful.

You can enroll in this course…

I am a big fan of Andrew Mead, he is an instructor at Udemy, and he teaches really well. He has a course on React and Redux. Once I did his course on NodeJS, and all I can say is that he is one of the best teachers out there, so this course will also be, without a doubt, wonderful.

This course also has a section on webpack, so you don’t need to do any course for that separately.

Ready for the 20:10 distribution?

Finish up that course before 20th Sept, and do a side project in the next 10 days. May the force be with you :)

Month 2: October (GraphQL)

Alright, so by this time you have already mastered React and Redux, now it’s the time for next technology.

GraphQL is gaining popularity insanely fast, super fast. As you can see in this graph, how popular it is right now, and it has a huge developer community, I am sure you’ll have fun learning it, and as the trends show that it will be insanely popular in 2020, you will be ready for it!

Google Trends

What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is an open-source data query and manipulation language for APIs, and a runtime for fulfilling queries with existing data.

So if you are into backend development, and you know about REST, you should (or rather, you must) explore GraphQL, trends are changing very fast :)

Hey Madhav, Suggest some courses for this too, please…

Yeah man, totally. I was going to do that, Haha

Andrew Mead has a course on GraphQL as well. Here’s the link, I hope you will find it useful…

Again, if you don’t want to pay money for any courses, there are tons of free video lectures on youtube which you can refer, one of the most famous ones is a tutorial by freecodecamp,

Are you ready for the 20:10 distribution? Learn more and more about GraphQL by 20th October and do a side project for the next 10 days!

Month 3: November (Progressive Web apps + React Native)

Progressive Web Apps and Hybrid apps are quite in these days. Using the concepts of PWAs, people are building websites which look like and give a feel of an app.

Tons of startups out there are building Hybrid apps which have single code base for multiple platforms instead of native apps having different code base for different platforms.

Again, the trends are in favor of them, 2019 is a good time to learn these technologies.

PWAs rising — Google Trends
React Native — Google Trends

This November, utilize your time to learn the concepts of PWAs and Hybrid Apps.

React Native is a great tool which allows you to create apps having a single codebase for both Android and iOS.

Where to learn these?

Again, there is a huge developer community out there, and you can easily get good tutorials. Here is a playlist which is highly liked on YouTube —

Here’s a cool playlist for learning React Native —

Don’t forget the 20:10 distribution, learn for 20 days, do a side project for the next 10 days, Hustle!

Month 4: December (Rust and Web Assembly)

Rust is a multi-paradigm system programming language focused on safety, especially safe concurrency. Rust is syntactically similar to C++, but is designed to provide better memory safety while maintaining high performance.

I agree I agree, you must be like, Hey Madhav, Rust isn’t Mainstream right now, not many are going for it, is it a good choice?

Yes it is, period

The growth of Rust over the years has been tremendous, it now has a really huge community, and yes, it will be mainstream!

Same is the case with Web Assembly.

So yeah, learning rust and web assembly will be a great addition to your skillset, and you will be doing something off the line, so yeah, it will be super fun.

Web Assembly Google Trends
Stack Overflow Survey

How to learn them?

Here I wouldn’t recommend buying a course separately for them, you can always look up for tutorial videos on youtube and read the official documentation.

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“Always aim for the moon. If you miss you’ll land among the stars.”

That’s it, hope you liked this blog and it helped you.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you want to discuss something :D

I would be more than happy if you send your feedback, suggestions or ask queries. Moreover, I love to make new friends and we can be friends, just drop me a mail.

Thanks a lot for reading till end. You can contact me in case if you need any assistance:

Thank you for reading till the end. If you found this blog helpful, please share, comment, and press/hold that 👏 a few times. I will keep posting such small blog posts each Sunday.



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