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Madhav Bahl
“There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” -Milton Glaser

Read this short, to the point article as it guides you through how you should approach towards web development.

So you are a beginner having no knowledge about this field.
No Problem. This article will remove all your doubts regarding how you should start web development. It is written in an easily understandable language and practical steps which can help you start with web development.

Why do I write?
The main reason is that I am also a web developer, willing to help all the aspiring web-developers out there who want to step into this community of developers, but need a…

Here’s a small message to everyone who tried and won, and to everyone who tried their best but couldn’t win…

It’s that time of the year when everyone will be posting about their selection in GSoC, getting new jobs or internships, and their achievements,

Here’s a message to those who fall in the above category, and those who don’t.

Did you win? Awesome!

If you are someone falling in the above category, you cracked GSoC? Or won that big hackathon? Or got that dream internship/job? Heartiest congratulations, you did a great job.

Here are 2 important points you should remember -

1. Don’t stop!

Achievements are temporary, victory is never permanent and loss is never final. So keep working!

No matter how many mountains you climb…

The Lean Programmer Newsletter — April, 2021

Before we start, a quick thing that I want to ask you, I hope that you are safe and taking care of yourself in these tough times? Please please please, prioritize health over anything else at this time, and do take care and proper precautions while going out.

Let’s talk about my aim…

When I began my journey (~3.5 years ago), it all started with me facing a lot of trouble in finding proper resources to learn things, all I wanted was someone who could guide me.

Fast forward 1.5 years, 2 things happened

  1. I fell in love with programming
  2. I decided that since I…

Does no one acknowledge your skills? No worries, follow this!

You work very hard, you love your friends and the people in your direct network, and you really want them to acknowledge your presence. But, you feel that you aren’t being noticed by your friends, valued by your colleagues, and not getting enough attention in your work/organization?

If you feel so, don’t worry, you are not alone. As a matter of fact, most of the people whom I know either have faced this in their lives or are currently facing this issue. You must have heard this quote —

“A prophet is not honoured in his own country.”

It’s never…

Human beings are bad at remembering facts, but good at remembering stories.

“Those who tell stories rule society.” — Plato

Let me ask you 2 questions —

  1. Do you remember the exact date when Alexander the great was born? Most probably no (even I don’t know it, and I am not going to search it on Google)
  2. Do you remember the story of Alexander the great? Most probably yes!

These questions were to make you realize that human minds are bad at remembering facts and figures but good at remembering stories.

So, should we stop using facts and start telling stories?

It’s not only about making goals, it’s also about the alignment of goals, and reaching them in lesser time.

All of us have some dreams and ambitions that we want to make true while we are alive, but most of us make one big mistake, we confuse our dreams and ambitions with “goals”.

Goals are just some actionable checkpoints that lead us towards our dreams, they help us make that “dream” come true quickly.

Let’s have a deeper look at “dreams” and “goals”

In this blog, I am going to tell you the five steps that can help you fulfill almost any ambition that you have, and I will explain you each step with the help of 2 examples. …

3 Ways in which you can say “no” without alienating people.

We all want to say “yes” to everything that comes to us. There can be different reasons for this, a lot of us suffer from “Fear of Missing Out” (or, FOMO), while others might want to maintain relationships by always saying yes.

No matter what the reason, it’s obvious that we can’t say yes to everything that comes to us, if we do that we would be wasting our own time (which we could have spent doing something more productive, or something more enjoyable).

So what’s the solution?

Saying “No” can be difficult, but we can do that without making the other person…

Aspiring Software Developers, don’t ignore this!

College life is a blessing, while we are in it, we rarely think that the college days would ever get over, but the sad fact is, 3–4 years pass by very quickly.

While you are still in college, it’s important to have fun, make friends and enjoy, those days are never going to come back. But, it’s also important to start thinking about your future and taking action.

So in this blog, I am going to tell you 3 things that you should absolutely think about while you are still in college. This blog isn’t a list of things that…

What’s better than learning by doing?

three color drawings of landscapes, each showing the current temperature and an icon for weather condition or time of day
three color drawings of landscapes, each showing the current temperature and an icon for weather condition or time of day
A very simple app, with a very beautiful UI (Image source: Yegor Shustov)

There’s nothing better than learning by implementing. By making small side projects using the things that we are learning, we can not only increase our confidence in that domain but also our skill level.

These days I am learning Flutter from Dr. Angela Yu’s Flutter Development Bootcamp, and I can assure you that Flutter has a really smooth learning curve. …

This hacktoberfest, celebrate the spirit of open source

Only a few days left for Hacktoberfest to end, but that shouldn’t make you stop contributing to open source or stop making open source projects. Instead, Hacktoberfest should motivate you to start contributing to open source projects, there are endless benefits of contributing to open source.

Use this blog as your guide to find a project/issue for your next open source contribution.

Why Open Source?

Open source is in your best interest, whether you are an individual, an organization, a small business, or a non-profit organization. There are many reasons you should start an open source project, or start open source contributions…

Madhav Bahl

The Lean Programmer | Tech Blogger | Aiming to make youth well versed with tech | Self-help and Productivity Blogger | On a journey to find the meaning of life

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