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5 Things that obstruct your overall growth!

The number “5” has a great importance in almost every field, and also in life. A few months ago I wrote a blog stating the five pillars that have the power to construct your life in a much better way. Along with those five positive constructive traits, it is very essential to tell you about the five destructive personality and characteristic traits. So through this blog I will tell you about the 5 things, which you should remove from your life.

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Broadly, these 5 traits can also be classified into two major categories,
1. Traits which are clearly visible to the person as well as the outside world
2. Traits which are adapted slowly and most of the time the person himself isn’t aware of having it.

At some point in your life, maybe right now or maybe in past, you must have experienced the compulsion of these feelings. Hence, I would strongly recommend that as you read these 5 points, try to recall whatever you did and where you went wrong, so that you are able to work on reducing (or even removing) these things from your life in future :)

1. Greed

Not to mention, one of the biggest problems of the current generation is greed. We are never satisfied with what we have, and keep running behind self-defined definitions of success. A man (whom I considered to be wise) once told me that “Satisfaction is the end of growth”, and now when I remember it, I just smile gently at the foolishness.

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Greed is like a bottomless pit, it will never get over and it will make you run endlessly towards nowhere!
Coming back to satisfaction, does it means to stop doing your work in the name of “being satisfied”? Never. Satisfaction actually means to remove all greed and doing your duty without the attachment to results. If winning gives you immense joy and pleasure, it is sure that your loss will come with great grief.

Think about it, don’t we enjoy the process rather than the end result? Success is temporary, but the glory and knowledge you get through the process remains forever :)

“Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.” — Erich Fromm

Greed belongs to the first of the above mentioned two categories. When you are greedy, your mind is fully aware of that fact. So next time when you find yourself greedy, ask yourself this question that is it worth it?

2. Lust

Yes, a widely discussed topic, isn’t it?
Different people have different opinions regarding lust, and of course, some people consider it normal, some consider it a sin, some a natural behaviour, and some consider it the side product of love.

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If we start a discussion on this topic, it could go on till hours and that too without any conclusion! But there is one thing (my personal opinion) I would like to say here, lust can never bring anything positive in your life. Relationship failures, breakups, family splits and divorce is becoming very common these days. It is easily noticeable that relations these days don’t have love as their base, but they are based on selfish interests (or rather lust!).

The basic nature of lust (just like greed) is that it keeps growing, it is can neither be fully satisfied, and when it is not satisfied it gives birth to several other bad emotions like anger, which can never do you any good.

Just like greed this also falls under the first category, a lustful person is fully aware of his feelings.

3. Anger

According to me, anger is the worst emotion. It can cause you so much pain and loss that you can’t even imagine, it can turn your victory into defeat within seconds.

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The life we lead is full of decision making, at every moment we have to take some decision which can affect us directly or indirectly. Having a calm and stable mind is very important to make good decisions, and in turn have a good life.

So next time when you are angry, just think about the reason and make your brain believe how small your reasons are when compared to this gigantic world. That way it will be easier to keep your mind calm and stable.

“Speak when you are angry — and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret” — Laurence J. Peter

Falling under the first category, this emotion being the most “visible” emotion is most easiest to resist.

4. Temptation

Many people confuse lust with temptation, but lust and temptations are two different things.

While lust is more focused towards sexual desires, temptation is a broad term which refers to the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise. For example, it may be a voice that you get from the back of your head that tells you it’s ok to have junk food, or an urge to check your Facebook wall or that compulsion to check your phone again and again. In the long run, your temptations will always harm you!

The more you give in to your temptations the weaker your willpower will become you’ll become more and more addicted. Addiction to anything is always bad due to the urge or compulsion it creates.

“Temptation is the devil looking through the keyhole. Yielding is opening the door and inviting him in”

— Billy Sunday

Again, temptations are also clearly visible to the person who feels these urges and compulsions and it can be worked upon easily.

The fifth one is little different, it acquires a place in human mind slowly and most of the times the person isn’t even aware of it.

5. Ego

With several achievements or success comes a sense of pride or self-esteem, when that feeling crosses a borderline, when due to that pride a person starts to feel most superior that is when his downfall begins.

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We millennials have complete knowledge of ego, how bad it can affect your character and how harmful it can be. So there is no need for me to write too much on this topic.

Still, I would like to quote what Albert Einstein once said,


More the knowledge lesser the ego, lesser the knowledge more the ego.”


That’s it, after reading this blog keep in mind to suppress or remove these 5 emotions/traits :)

  1. Greed
  2. Lust
  3. Anger
  4. Temptation
  5. Ego

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